Abuse and Neglect (2 hours) $15.00
 This class reviews the indicators, signs, and symptoms of abuse     and neglect; and the definition of “mandated reporting”.  It also   includes a discussion about the environmental conditions of   abuse and neglect and ways to prevent them.                        This class content is covered in Core Basic Training.                Prerequisite: None

Adult CPR&FA: (6 hours) $90.00                                        Training provided by a certified Red Cross Instructor. This class   teaches Adult CPR and First Aid. CPR & FA are two year   certifications.

Adult & Pediatric CPR&FA: (6 hours) $100.00                   Training provided by a certified Red Cross Instructor. This class   teaches both Adult (about 12 years and older) & Pediatric   (infants and children up to 12 years of age) CPR and First Aid.   CPR & FA are now two year certifications.

Adult CPR/First Aid Review (2 hours) $60.00                        Challenge has been replaced with Adult CPR/First Aid Review  The Adult CPR/Fist Aid Review is a two hour course for those   who: 

  1. Are re-certifying their two year CPRFA certification.

  2. Have mastered and are proficient in CPRFA knowledge and skills.

  3. Are prepared to demonstrate and SHOW their CPRFA skills to our certified Red Cross instructor.

Prerequisite: Previous CPR and First Aid Training 

CPR Re-Certification (3 hours) $60.00
Training provided by a certified Red Cross Instructor. CPR is a two year certification.

Emergency Preparedness (formerly Fire Safety) (1 hour) $10.00
Preparing for natural disasters and fires. Learn proper maintenance and use of safety equipment. Practice evacuation procedures and drills.

First Aid Re-Certification (3 hours) $60.00
Training provided by a certified Red Cross Instructor. First Aid is a two year certification.

Insight into Asperger’s Syndrome (1.5 hours) $20.00
An overview of Asperger's Syndrome focusing on characteristics and behaviors as well as strategies to use in supporting people with Asperger's.
Prerequisite: None

Job Hazards (1 hour) $10.00
Covers home safety, storage and use of chemicals, poison control, lifting, transitioning, and transporting consumers when in the community.
Prerequisite:  None

Management Trainings - (varies, 2-6 hours) $30.00
A variety of management classes, How to be an Effective Manager, Professionalism in the Workplace, Identifying Your Strengths, Communication… designed for current and new managers.

MANDT (16 hrs) $180.00
Comprehensive two day training program to include Relational/Conceptual/Technical training focused on how to build relationships and support people with challenging behaviors. All tests must be passed for certification.

MANDT Re-certification (8 hrs) $100.00
Relational training focused on how to handle aggressive and destructive behavior by supporting people, not just their behaviors. All tests must be passed for recertification.

Medication Administration Level I (16 hours) $90.00
This class meets the DMH requirement for medication administration. The fee includes registration of class completion with the Department of Mental Health. Bring a lunch to class.
Prerequisite:  None

Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities (3 hours) $30.00
Understanding individuals with Intellectual, Development Disabilities and Mental Illness have complex needs and present clinical challenges to professionals, programs and systems that provide care for them. Prerequisite: None

Nutrition, Health and Diabetes (2 hrs) $25.00
Covers a wide range of topics from How Diabetes Works, Diabetes Management, How to respond to diabetic emergencies, Healthy Meal Planning, Food Behaviors and Habits, Nutrition on a budget and more…..

Person-Centered Planning and Report Writing (3 hours) $30.00
Training covers the philosophy, principles, and techniques used in doing person-centered planning year around—not just at meetings. Learn to write behaviorally and objectively when documenting and writing log notes based on the individual's person centered plan.

Positive Behavior Supports (3 hours) $50.00
Approved as Positive Behavioral Supports Training by DMH and includes Missouri Quality Outcomes. An introduction is given to understanding behavior as a method of communication, identifying problematic behaviors, developing positive support approaches, and working with a team to support individuals with challenging behavior.
Prerequisite: None

Universal Precautions (formerly Bloodborne Pathogens) (1 hour) $10.00
This class covers the requirement for Universal Precautions to include blood borne pathogens, influenza and using protective procedures.

The Update:  Basic Medication Administration/ Re certification (6 hours)  $60.00
Training focuses on the basic skills necessary for supporting consumers who self medicate or have minimal, or stable medication needs. Bring a list of medications you currently administer to class. Also meets the re-certification requirement for Medication Administration Level I.  If you are using this class as a re-certification, you must bring a copy of your original Medication Administration certificate to class to be re–certified. Prerequisite:  None if used as Basic Medication Certification.  Medication Administration Level I if used as a re-certification.