Short-term and long-term Counseling and consultation provided by fully licensed professionals with experience and training in a broad range of areas.

Our Counselors have the expertise and compassion to support individuals, families, and couples through the stresses of life, day to day conflicts, and mental health challenges. The counseling staff have training and experience in addressing various concerns including but not limited to improving self-esteem and self-concept, relationship issues, grief, mental illness, substance abuse and co-dependency, and developmental disabilities.

Please contact Holly Turk-Collier to discuss your needs:

314-781-7900 Ext. 319 or

                                  Our Counselors

Lanie Champa, LPC, CSAC II

Cynthia Browne, M.S. Ed., LCSW

Kelly Pittman, MSW, LCSW

Tere Owens, MSW, LCSW

Judy Seltzer, LPC, Therapist

Polly Sharp, M.A. LPC

Anne Thomson, M.A., LPC

Erica Vogler, LCSW, Therapist CCDP-D

Holly Turk-Collier, Director of Counseling Services, MSW, LCSW