Our Residential Services Department offers compassionate individually tailored support (ISL) up to 24 hours a day in a shared or individual home.

Each person has a yearly plan identifying their unique hopes, dreams, and goals. Outcomes are developed based on each individual's unique strengths and needs.

Public funding is provided by the Missouri Department of Mental Health and county boards. Private pay accepted as well.

Services provided in the Bridges Supported Living Residential Program include:

  • Development and maintenance of a safe and attractive home or apartment in the community

  • Support and Supervision up to 24 hours a day, to assure health and safety at home and in the community

  • Support in Maintaining Optimal Health: Monitoring medications, doctors appointments, following doctor’s orders and recommendations

  • Assistance in developing Independent Living Skills: Personal care, home making activities, and other activities of daily living

  • Being an Active Participant in One’s Community: Social activities, safe and healthy recreational pursuits, volunteer activities

  • Aid in learning strategies to compensate for cognitive, physical and behavioral challenges

  • Support in developing and maintaining relationships with family and friends

  • Assistance in developing self-advocacy skills in decision making and life planning

  • Support in living life to its fullest!

If interested in our Residential Services please contact:

Ryan Brown

Director of Residential Services

314-781-7900 Ext. 515