Bridges Community Support Services offers:

Statewide Part and Full-time support to people in the home of their choice. 

Comprehensive Staff Training to providers across St. Louis.

  Counseling to individuals of all abilities.

Now Offering Support Broker Services!

A Support Broker provides the Self-Directed Supports individual or their designated representative with information & assistance to secure the supports and services identified in the Individual Service Plan. The Support Broker does not do these tasks for the individual/ designated representative, but provides information and assistance in order for the individual or their designated representative to fulfill their employer related responsibilities. The goal for everyone in Self-Directed Supports is to move towards ‘Independence’ and for individuals and families to have the support they need in order to self-direct services.

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Direct Support

Compassionate individually tailored support up to 24 hours a day in a shared or individual setting.

Community support

Part-time individualized support focused on increasing skills and promoting independence.


Short-term and long-term counseling and consultation provided by fully licensed professionals with a background in developmental disabilities.