Community Support is part-time individualized service focused on increasing skills, promoting independence, maximizing self-determination and increasing participation in one's community. 

Outcomes are developed based on each individual's unique strengths and needs.

Areas addressed through Community Support may include, but are not limited to:

  • Finances: Budgeting, paying bills, banking and comparison shopping

  • Healthy eating: Meal planning, cooking and increasing awareness of nutrition

  • Health: Attending medical appointments and facilitating communication with medical professionals, implementing doctor's recommendations and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

  • Housing: Searching for housing, maintaining existing housing and understanding tenants' rights

  • Home Management: Household organization, understanding and responding to mail, maintaining important documents and using a calendar for appointments and events

  • Emergency Preparedness: Preparing for emergencies and unanticipated situations, responding safely and appropriately to emergency situations

  • Employment Services: Provide training to help an individual attain and keep employment in a competitive environment. Services include Pre-Vocational Services, Career Planning, Job Development, and Supported Employment.

  • Transportation: Learning how to access and use public transportation

  • Socialization and Recreation: Developing social skills through experiential learning in the community and accessing recreational opportunities

  • Linkage with Natural Supports in the Community: Libraries, educational programs, recreation centers, food pantries support groups and churches

            If interested in Community Support services, please contact:

Kelly Tiefenbrun
314-781-7900, ext: 513 or

Bridges Community Support Services is funded and supported by St. Louis Office for Developmental Disability Resources and Productive Living Board for St. Louis County Citizens with Developmental Disabilities