Open Positions

Direct Support Specialist

The DSS I is an entry level position and is an essential team member responsible for providing direct support to Supported Living consumers in their homes and the community. We assist Bridges consumers to be and do their own personal best and to have the best life experience possible.

Supervisors: Resource Manager, Coordinator or QAS

 Essential Job Functions

  • Assure a clean, safe, comfortable, personalized, and friendly home for each consumer

  • Maintain standards as outlined by the Department of Mental Health, Medicaid Waiver, or other funding sources

  • Make sure that you understand the consumer’s yearly plan and that his or her goals are being met

  • Be on time and approve all schedule changes with immediate supervisor in a timely manner

  • Assure that all medical orders are followed and documented properly, according to Level I Medication administration guidelines

  • Provide protective oversight as needed and specified in the consumer’s yearly plan

  • Follow all Bridges and DMH policies regarding abuse and neglect reporting

  • Assure that the consumer receives immediate medical attention for any problem

  • Maintain knowledge of the consumer’s data book and records

  • Assist the consumer to eat nutritious meals based on his/her choices, resources, and PCP guidelines

  • Assist the consumer to live within his/her means and ensure that any purchases exceeding $100 are pre-approved in writing by the appropriate Coordinator, Case Manager or Director

  • With the exception of emergencies, please do not use consumer’s telephone for personal business

  • Maintain a valid and reliable automobile, valid driver’s license and current auto insurance and notify supervisor immediately of any changes in this regard

  • Transport consumer in your own automobile as needed

  • Be a good role model by demonstrating behaviors which support the consumer in being safe and healthy. For example, if you’re working with someone on a prescribed diet, refrain from eating fast food or junk food while with them and wash your hands frequently

  • At times you will work alone and other times alongside colleagues

  • Complete reasonable directives provided by your supervisor/Coordinator

Other Responsibilities and Paperwork

  • Complete all required training (See the reverse side of this page)

  • Complete all required shadowing and home specific in-services

  • Meet with the home’s RM on a monthly basis to discuss individual’s progress as a DSS

  • Maintain a kind, respectful professional relationship with the consumer and the ISL team

  • Make required entries in the documentation book in the consumer’s home

  • Obtain & review Bridges’ Employee Handbook, keeping updated on changes in policy/practice

  • Must provide current contact information to Bridges Administration and supervisor at all times and respond to phone calls, mailings, etc. within a reasonable amount of time

  • Be a positive and professional representative of Bridges while out in the community.

  • Perform other duties as assigned by Bridges

Physical requirements:

* Ability to use stairs, stand and walk for prolonged periods of time

* Ability to administer CPR, 1st aid and/or other life-saving techniques wherever/whenever required

* Ability to accompany consumers outside of the home

* Ability to bend and reach

* Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.

* Other physical requirements specified by consumer’s individual support needs

Community Support Specialist

A Community Support Specialist shall work directly with one or more individuals, providing individualized services to foster the attainment of skills and increased independence. This position can be either a part-time or full-time position with a flexible schedule. Community Support Specialists may work in any of the programs through which part-time support is provided.

Supervisors: Community Support Coordinator and Associate Director

Essential Job Functions

  • The specific goals, objectives and activities shall be determined jointly by the individual, the referring agency and any other involved parties.

  • Provide ongoing input as he/she becomes acquainted with the person being supported and his or her particular circumstances. The individual’s preferences and unique learning style should be respected, as should his or her ideas about the skills being learned.

  • Areas of support might include, but are not limited to: cooking, menu planning, shopping, laundry, cleaning, budgeting, check writing, banking, safety, coordinating medical appointments, using public transportation and accessing recreational or social activities.

  • Be responsible for submitting progress reports detailing activities toward goals and objectives.

Other Responsibilities

  • Complete all required training (available through Bridges’ Training Network).

  • Maintain positive professional relationships with the individual supported and all parties involved.

  • Review and abide by the Bridges Employee Handbook, including updates.

  • Understand the specific expectations and requirements for each program.

  • Physical requirements:  standing, walking, bending, reaching, lifting up to 30 pounds, occasional assistance with consumer chores as needed.

Qualifications & Training Requirements

  • High School Diploma or equivalent

  • Minimum of one year experience in related field

  • Reliable automobile, driver's license and current auto insurance